Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review; DIY Overhead Bike Rack

This is not a review per se but I thought I would share with you my solution for storing my bike(s). If like me you have little storage space and have some little people who let’s say can’t tell the difference between carbon and Crayola and will gladly push over your hard saved for precious to get their big bag of sand toys then there is only one direction to go…up!

Enter a trip to Home Depot…


…and $25 later we’re all set. Now I should caveat that this will only work out of the gate if you have exposed rafters, if you have a sheetrocked ceiling  this is possible but will need a little extra work. For this to work you need two Husky Hangs Alls and two rubber straps with S hooks…and unless you are really really tall a step ladder.

Now quite simply you throw one of the straps over the rafter, space out the other and do the same, depending on how high you want to go make it wider. From there thread one rubber strap around the seat and the other around the stem, be a little careful with the hooks, if you are paranoid wrap them in electrician tape. No drilling, no nuts, bolts or screws…nada!

Lift up, hook through and voila!


Subject to the amount of space you have you can hang as many as you like. It may not be the prettiest of solutions but there is zero set up time and with the $205 dollars you saved thing abut what kit you will need for the winter, an upgrade or two or something carbon and sexy!


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  1. Works for me! ...if I had somewhere to hang them :) one day when we have a garage.........


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