Saturday, June 9, 2012

May done…and I nearly was too!

May seems like a distant glimmer in the rear view mirror right now, I think that speaks to the velocity that I am travelling through this year. As the title eludes to it was nearly the month when I was was done, done in that is! My volume of training had been steady over the last 5 months and so it’s almost inevitable that something had to give and the signs were pretty clear, physical fatigue combined with being mentally tired and looking for excuses not to train. So much as it hurt to back off and spoil the lovely graph that I had been building it was the sensible thing to do.

image image
Miles Time
I eased off for a couple off weeks mid month which also coincided with travelling to St George to watch IMSG and then to Tempe (post to come) to ride the IMAZ course loop and also gave me a pseudo taper for the OC Olympic Tri which was in the last third of the month. The race went really well, that with the rest recharged my batteries to finish the month strong and start June solidly, So here are the May digits in more detail:
  • Swim; 22,688 yards (12.88 miles) 9:32 hours
  • Bike; 231 miles 13:24 hours
  • Run 50:73 miles 7:08 hours

So as you can see the swimming is still getting lots of attention, it as as Joe Friel would say, my limiter and there is no point working my strengths, especially if I never get to finish the swim! That being said despite PR at the Love Run 10k my running is pretty…let’s be honest; shit right now!

Looking forward over June I recently picked up Swim Workouts for Triatletes by Velo Press from Amazon and I love it, simple (but not easy…big difference!) workouts designed around race distances. Of course in typical fashion I am having to carve up the program to fit in with my schedule but having gotten through nearly two weeks worth, I think it’s having a positive effect, assuming hanging onto the end of the pool gasping for air is the effect you are looking for! I am sure I will write up a review soon…maybe!

My Cannondale Slice has undergone some radical surgery too and a lot of the parts have been upgraded I will have more to say on that this coming week but here is a teaser…


So with Vineman 70.3 only 36 days away is it too early for a prediction? Ah what’ ev! Here’s my goals:

  A B C
Swim <44:59 45-50 >51
Bike <2:45 2:45-59 >3:00
Run <1:45 1:45-52 >1:52
Race <5:20 >A/C< >6:43

I am sure my math is wrong so feel free to correct me!I think in reality that it will pan out to be a B/A/B if I can have a good bike, so somewhere around 5:30-5:40 inc transitions.

So with that on with the day!


  1. My prediction (if it is worth anything) is A, A, B.

  2. I've used that swim workout book for years. it's good stuff. I now you're not much of a swimmer, but I think you'll do better than 45 minutes on the swim. That One Hour Workouts book from Velo Press is a good one too!

  3. Stuart...

    Having done Vineman last year and Im a terrible swimmer (41 min @Vineman) Im guessing A/B/B for you. One thing I would share with you is dont be too concerned about drafting on the bike. They dont seem to bother age groupers all that much. Drive the bike course if you get a chance.

    Good luck


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