Monday, November 12, 2012

11th hour dramas…or why I shop where I shop!

Well, and fortunately, not quite the 11th hour.

After I rode my LT test last week, it was noticed that my rear tubular tire was delaminating! Put mildly; OMFG!!! Clearly not what I needed! Fortunately Competitive Cyclist offer a NQA; No Questions Asked policy. I hoped online at 8pm PST in the evening and had and online chat;

One moment please while we route you to a gear expert. You're currently number 1 in queue. Check out for up to 80% off the best gear on the planet. We'll be right with you.

Thanks for contacting us. My name is Daryl D., how can I help you?

Daryl D.: Hey how can I help you?

Stuart: hi i recently got some Mavic Cosmic Carbone 80s from you and the rear tire is delaminating. I have an Ironman race in 10 days and need replacement tire, can you help out?

Daryl D.: Possibly,  do you have a photo of the issue?

Daryl D.: and is the tire delaming or the wheel/rim?

Stuart: Yes, where can i send it to?

Daryl D.:

Stuart: gimme 2 mins

Daryl D.: alright well I’m only here for another 8 or so.

Daryl D.: we close up shop at 10PM

Daryl D.: is it the tire or rim?

Stuart: the tire

Daryl D.: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Daryl D.: sorry about that

Daryl D.: tried to paste something and ended up inserting a standardized response.

Daryl D.: What’s your order number?

Daryl D.: I'll send you out a new tire after I get the e-mail

Daryl D.: or if you can include it in the e-mail I can make that happen

Stuart: just sent email, logged in to get order number but can't find it?

Stuart: my name is Stuart BXXXXXXX

Daryl D.: e-mail address? (I didn't get the e-mail yet)

Daryl D.: So, to get a better idea of what's going on, is the tire coming un-glued from the rim

Daryl D.: or is the tire coming apart?

Daryl D.: Delaminating, generally isn't something that will happen to a tire

Daryl D.: alright just got the photos

IMG_7104 IMG_7105

Stuart: no there is a strip the runs around the tire, it's well away from the rim...delaminating is probably the wrong term

Daryl D.: that is definitely a tire issue

Daryl D.: no delaming is definitely good for what is happening there, it's just rear

Stuart: yes, the front one seems ok

Daryl D.: So you didn't have an account with either of the e-mail address in there

Daryl D.: did you happen to use another?

Daryl D.: nevermind found it

Stuart: I can log in but can't see any order history

Stuart: the account email is

Stuart: ok

Stuart: great

Daryl D.: so I'll ship you out another power link tubular

Daryl D.: you should see it on Tuesday

Stuart: is there anyway it can be overnighted?

Stuart: to my home address for delivery Sat

Daryl D.: No we don't offer Saturday delivery

Stuart: I leave for the race on Wed and it will need to be glued etc?

Daryl D.: yeah

Daryl D.: um I can next day it but you'll see it on Monday

Daryl D.: and I'd have to charge you $15 for it

Stuart: that's ok I am happy to pay the $15

Daryl D.: alright

Stuart: they won't deliver on a Saturday?

Daryl D.: no, we don't offer Saturday delivery

Stuart: ok Monday will work, the LBS can glue it and i wont need it till the weekend!

Stuart: I really appreciate all your help!

Daryl D.: not a problem

Daryl D.: should I just charge the visa on file?

Stuart: do you have Credit Card details on file?

Stuart: lol yes that's perfect

Daryl D.: yeah can you confirm the last 4

Daryl D.: there 2 cards

Stuart: xxxx?

Daryl D.: perfect. done

Stuart: awesome!

Daryl D.: Is there anything else I can help you with Stuart?

Stuart: no you have been super helpful! Thanks for staying late!

Daryl D.: not a problem have a good evening

Stuart: you too thanks!

Your chat session has unexpectedly disconnected. Please feel free to contact us again.


On my doorstep tonight…and that’s why I shop at Competitive Cyclist!

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  1. I've had similar experiences with Competitive Cyclist. One time around they shipped the wrong size winter tights; I got in touch with them and they sent me the right size straight away and let me keep the wrong size (which I then sold to a larger friend!).

    I was a little saddened when they merged into Backcountry as I like to support the little guys but they still seem to be doing a great job. The only downside is their list of products they cannot ship to Australia has got rather a lot longer.

    Good luck at IMAZ!


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