Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Follow me?

Less than 100 hours to go…and now I find myself waking at 4am making lists in my head!


Race Day Tri Tats…lick and stick!

A couple of people have asked how they can follow my progress on race day. Being the Social Media maven that I am there are few ways;

Ironman Live shows the race online, they follow the leaders (not me!) through to the finish and then leave the camera on at the finish so you can see people crossing, I hope to be done in around 12-12:30 hours so that will be 9-9:30pm local (AZ) time

If you have an iPhone you can down load IronTrac, it’s 99c filter by 140.6 and add Arizona, then you can look me up by my last name

I will be carrying a GPS transponder go here scroll down and find my name and click on it, this is real time for the bike and run…not the swim! This link won’t be active until Saturday at the earliest

TriBeccaTo will also be live Tweeting for me from my account and probably from hers, she is bringing the cowbell, pom poms, chalk, flag and a few other surprises and will no doubt keep everyone informed!

We’re loading up and driving out tomorrow…let the racecation begin!


  1. Congrats on a great season of training. Have a great race and loads of fun! I'll be following along one way or another!


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