Monday, September 8, 2014

SCM Week 5

A bit of backfill as the blog has been somewhat neglected this month;

  • Monday. 6 miles Recovery. Took Becca out on my local trail…I think she had fun?
    • Tuesday. Rest
    • Wednesday. 7 miles. Nice and steady mid Tempo run.
    • Thursday. 5 miles. Quicker and shorter Tempo run, happy to click of miles in the mid 7s
    • Friday. Missed it and pushed to Saturday
    • Saturday. 7 miles. Very easy.
    • Sunday. 16.33 Miles Pt Mugu recon run. Lots of hills and lots of climbing. Got pooped out around mile 13/14 but pushed through to the end.
    • imageIMG_0220 image IMG_0166

      Much the same next week…let’s get this done!

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