Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Summary

Today is a rest day so I can write this up with the risk of the numbers changing.

What can I say it’s all about the run, run and run.

  • 21 workouts, 26:22:59 for 170.50 miles. There is one more run not showing on the graph below which was yesterday, the first run of Week 10
  • Run, well see above basically. Compared to last month that’s 2 less runs and 8.49 miles more
  • Bike zip!
  • Anything else…nope nada!

As I am monitoring the terrain training this is how it’s shaping up.

image As you can see overall a drop in trail running, this is really a function of life more than anything, as you can see Week 7 is over 50% treadmill, that’s just the way it is some weeks. I have a 20 miler coming up this weekend which is the first of many and the following week is the Pt Mugu 18k race, I will have to tack on some extra miles to keep to the plan and it’s only a tune up race, the Marathon is 5 weeks away.

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