Thursday, February 12, 2015

Running Voodoo!

I am not really superstitious it’s just not something I put any stock in. There are of course times when I question that and there are occasions when you are just made to go hummm!


This would be one of them. Consider this;

  • Sean O’Brien 50k last weekend, cloudy, rainy, cool
  • Bandit 50k this weekend, clear, sunny, hot
  • 12 weeks of training (post Santa Clarita Marathon), to SOB and no injuries, niggles, nada
  • 13 weeks of training (post Santa Clarita Marathon), to Bandit right knee just not co-operating! Feels blocked, clunky, sharp pain sometimes!

WTF is with that!

1 comment:

  1. Based off of your tag "taper", I'm going to assume you're tapering. Hopefully it's just taper phantom pains. I diagnose myself with random diseases when I'm tapering. You'll be okay!


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