Monday, February 9, 2015

SOB50k Wk 14

So last week was the week to bridge from unsigned up for Sean O’Brien to the signed up for Bandit and so I added in an extra week. This is how it shook out.

Monday 8 miles. First run since Calico50k, felt hard/easy, happy with result. 16th day in a row, Tuesday is a rest day

Tuesday Off!

Wednesday 4 miles. Felt harder than it should, early start, long day and late dinner catch up with me!

Thursday 8 miles. Nice little trail run in my new Saucony Peregrine 5s, left too late without a head torch and ran home in the dark!


Thursday. 7 miles. Another trail run. Found a little back trail that has an insane climb! 40% grade!


Friday. Off

Saturday 21 miles. Met up with some folks and ran nearly 11 miles with them and then ran another 10 by myself. This was very unplanned, as in I poorly planned it and instead of a pack and food etc. I basically ran 20 miles on a glass of water and a single serving of peanut butter! In all honesty I felt fine at the end albeit a bit hungry, not something that I would recommend but it was a low effort endurance Z2/3 kinda run. If you’re in Westlake Village, check out Joi Café, amazing vegan food run/co-owned by a buddy of mine! You won’t be disappointed!


Sunday. Easy ride and a 20 minute run to roll the running mileage up to 50 for the week.


  • Run; 6 runs, 50.10 miles in 7:42
  • Bike; 1 bike 16:85 miles in 1:00

This week is a Taper and then per my last post I am on a 7 week build to Leona Divide 50m!

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