Thursday, June 25, 2015


I’ve been kicking this around for a while and post Gran Fondo my docket has cleared for the rest of the year. I have got some big plans for the first half of next year but I need something to work towards between now and then.

The idea of Everesting is simple. You ride one Strava Segment up (and down again) until you have accumulated enough elevation gain to have the equivalent of Mt Everest; 29,029’ (8,848m). There is a pretty comprehensive list of rules listed here. The key to this is Segment and finding one that is sufficiently challenging enough that the elevation gain can be accumulated over the shortest amount of time, it’s easy to pick one that would have you riding for 20-22 hours which is pretty challenging in itself!


I have my eye on one and using the Everesting Calculator I came up with the following;I am still looking at options and I will need to ride this to see how it’s actually going to shake out.


Beyond the actual segment identification there are other considerations, some are obvious; nutrition and clothing, others are less obvious; gearing is one in particular I am looking at as I currently have a 53/39 crank and compact could be a wise investment!

The date however is set as October 25th. That gives me 16 weeks and it’s a close to a full moon as I can get…which I will most certainly need!

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