Sunday, June 7, 2015

Golden Gran Fondo (GGF) Week 6

Writing this in hindsight gives me the opportunity to facepalm myself. As noted last week my knee was getting pissy so instead of easing off what did I do…pile on the miles and made sure that they were all on the trainer! d’uh! Here is the week:

Monday; Black 18 miles. Endurance ranging from 50-80% FTP

Tuesday; Caltech 35 miles. 3 sets of 3x3-minute Attack & Recover intervals with very short, 1-minute recoveries between intervals & 4-minute recoveries between sets of A&R's.

Wednesday; Coliseum. 25 miles. 90 minutes of aerobic Endurance ranging from 50-80% FTP. Legs were a bit tired and right knee was a bit sore

Thursday; Cotter. 31 miles. Cotter consists of 6x9-minute sets of varied VO2max/Anaerobic bridging efforts ranging from 105-135% FTP. The bridging bursts range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in duration with varied intervals at Sweet Spot/Threshold in between (90-100% FTP). Recoveries between sets of intervals vary by trading duration for intensity over the course of the workout.

Friday; off. Oh. Thank. You!

Saturday. Dana. Dana is a beefed up version of an old standard, Over-Unders, and consists of 5x9-minute intervals spent well above FTP for a minute at 120% FTP or slightly below it for 2 minutes at 95% FTP. Recoveries between intervals are 6 minutes long

Sunday; Black/ISLAGIATT/30 min free. 60 miles on the trainer! 60 min warm up with some technical issues and general futzing about with Zwift, after its third crash I gave up! Next 120 minutes @thesufferfest ISLAGIATT, felt strong throughout the whole ride Sensors dropped again during one section. 30 minutes/5 miles easy cool down at the end. 60 miles on a trainer = 75 on the road right!


Total for the week 201 miles so a tint increase in mileage. Knee is really not happy now and I am going to ease right off and see how I feel.

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