Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August FTP test

I last did a FTP test on June 30 and I had an incease from 206 o 219, since then I have completed the Sufferfest Three Week climbing plan and put in another week on the TrainerRoad Build plan. I wasn’t sure what the results were going to be but I felt good and knew that my fitness was improving quickly. I had bested my 40k Time Time on the trainer but 2 minutes and had had a solid week of training.

As before I added an extra warm up time and teed up some motivational video! In total there were an extra 2 miles warm up/cool down. I stayed with FTP line and increased slowly over last 7-8 minutes. 5 weeks on training plan plus 10 days at altitude is paying off in spades.




This is the highest my FTP has been with a Power Meter, previously I had a high of 256 and that would have been using Virtual Power which is about 20% over real power on the Trainer!

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