Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Summary

So a big start to the year! The last day of the Four Days to Fitness started the year off with a bang. That was followed up with the Tour de Mullholland and then the BWR Survival Camp all adding big weekly miles and completing the first three Ultra Marathon Cycling Association Year Rounder Challenge rides

I’m very happy to be keeping my weekly mileage up above the 200 mile mark. Getting to the 250 mark is a big step change and requires two big rides a week; either back to back on the weekend or something special during the week. Needless to say it’s tricky and three day weekends are too good an opportunity to miss!

The Tour of Sufferlandria started on the last weekend of the month. This was one week post Camp and I had to work hard on the last weekend to add an outdoor ride to keep the 200 mile bubble floating as I had a very easy Monday and Tuesday.


You’ll also notice that I have actually been doing some weight training! Shut the Front Door you say! It’s a simple kettle bell series that takes 15 minutes and is doing me nothing but good! I am trying to complete it twice a week but as you can see even that has proven a challenge!

So onto February, the Rock Cobbler is the second weekend and that, as last year, comes as I wrap up the Tour of Sufferlandria so I will have to juggle things around some. I will dial back the intensity on the ‘fest rides as there is no point in crushing myself in advance of the Cobbler which is going to be a long day with 90+ miles and 7000” of gain on the day.

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