Thursday, May 18, 2017


The Lynskey got a little facelift. I added a little length to the stem going from a 100mm to a 110mm. I switched out the Ergoterra bars to Ergonova bars from 3T. The Ergonova have flatter tops which is more comfortable for climbing and they are a little narrower 42 (vs 44) which makes them my position a little tighter and aero on the bike. This with the longer stem lowers me down. I also have added a 3T Stylus seat post which is carbon and should give me a marginally softer ride vs. the aluminum Doric post I had before. It’s topped with a trusty ISM Prolouge, yes it’s odd looking but it’s my ass!

I am reusing the Fizik bar gel and I have soft touch Fizik tape to match out the all-black trim look. The bike also has a Stages PM so I can ride to power and not burn too many matches too soon, it’s going to be a challenge given the changing terrain.

Other than that the bike is unchanged from BWR Camp in January!

Lynskey BWR

I am always in awe of how sharp this bike looks!

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