Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Summary

May in the bag and a mostly successful month it was. Becca had some travel and with the extra time I was able to double down on a couple of days with the weekly goal of 300 miles. My Lynskey and Cervelo were at Wins with various changes and one day of the week was a quick dirty spin on my Mountain Bike which left me a little short on the goal but a 295 mile week is a solid week. My viewpoint on what is a “normal” week has definitely shifted from the 200 mile mark and is now hovering around 230 miles. 250 miles is a good week and anything close to 300 is a great week. That said the accumulation is a function of training and I am basically following the TrainerRoad plan with a longer weekend ride and a recovery ride on the Monday.

The big event of the month was the Belgian Waffle Ride, report to follow. The day turned into a hot one and despite not having that much heat training in the first half of the year I was able to get through the race and actually race rather than survive the event. The following week I had an aborted Everesting attempt; more lessons learned the hard way and then the following weekend another century. So in short three big back to back weekends.


June by comparison is a quiet month so I can focus on training for Crushar in the Tushar which is up early in July.

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