Friday, March 16, 2007

Taking the work out of your workout. is site created by mahodder. This site was created to help others get the most out of their iPod Nanos and Sport Kits. mahodder first started running with a Sport kit January 2007 and was inspired to create the site due to the lack of info available about what you could do with your Nike+ data other than just uploading it to the Nike site. offers a forum for discussing all aspects of the Nike+ and is a great tool for Race Directors to manage their challenges and for competitors to view their challenges without having to wait for the somewhat clunky flash based Nike site. In addition the forum and posts are available as a RSS feed and there is a runner map where you can stick a push pin for yourself.

It’s all pretty cool stuff, great job mahodder.

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  1. Thanks! I appreciate the writeup! Great site you have here, hope to see you in some challenges ;)

    - Keep Running!


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