Thursday, August 2, 2007


This past weekend I was supposed to run the San Francisco Marathon. However, as the saying goes; “the best laid plans of mice and men.....often go awry”, such was the case here. Friday the 27th started in the normal way, it suddenly became derailed when my son started projectile vomiting, typically he has an iron constitution so it set off alarm bells straight away. Later that day his temperature had spiked to 104 degrees, and we spent a very quiet day together. Friday night saw him climb into bed with us; another rarity, and spend a very uncomfortable night. The next morning I was on the phone to the airline and hotel cancelling everything. He has now fully recovered and is back to his usual self.

Sure I am disappointed but there are just more important things than running in circles.

Of course, now with hindsight, who knows what damage I would have done to myself had I run it?

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  1. That is scary to think of what might've happened. I think someone's looking out for you!

    I'm glad that your son is better!


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