Thursday, November 15, 2007

More acronyms; FFF; Five Fun Facts!

Tag…I’m it! Cheers Doug, so here you go five fun facts for you!
  • I am an Honorary Colonel in the State of Alabama; yes a “full-bird” Colonel complete with brass eagles. I received this award while serving in the military and on an exchange visit from the UK to the Alabama National Guard. I am not sure what it really means, maybe a free drink or better yet a “get out of jail free” card if I get caught speeding…I’m not in too much of a rush to test that theory though!
  • I have two tattoos but you will only ever see one, even if I was standing there buck naked you would still only see one, and in case you wondering they’re both external…see if you can figure it out?
  • When I get drunk, a rarity these days, I dance backwards and have been seen doing backward laps around the dance-floor, at least that's my excuse for crashing into things as I go around!
  • Talking of crashes; I have had three motorcycles and three crashes and walked away from each one, I passed my driving test first time after three lessons, hey go figure the things in three thing!
  • I leaned to snowboard in June 2000 while on honeymoon in New Zealand…in wait for it three days...I crashed a lot!

So let’s see if this works, Diva, H-Monkey, kxux, essa and OneMiletogo over to you…


  1. I remember the first time I was learning to snowboard. My knees were bruised, well, everything on me was bruised from this bad hard packed Ohio snow. Once I learned, it was heaven.

    -Your other tattoo, is it on your head, covered by hair?

  2. I bet we could see both of them if you were standing by a mirror.

    They are on opposite sides.

    Too easy! Okay, now: I have two coins to make 30 cents, and one is not a nickel. Ready go!

  3. I never learned how to ski so 'boarding was the quickest route onto the snow, yes three days of pain knees, wrist and butt, like you it was more on ice then snow.

    As for the tat' oh so close... but you're both wrong!

    Trust me if it was on my head you'd see it and nope no mirrors (or smoke) needed!

  4. Well then, I'm going to play on the other key word, "standing." I cringe at the thought, but is it on your foot?

  5. Nope not on my foot could spin me round like a Rubik's cube and still not see it!

  6. Okay, maybe I like riddles too much. But here is my new guess.

    So far we know they are both external. It has nothing to do with being on opposite sides, and has nothing to do with covering it by position. The only other things I can think of is....

    Is your second tattoo covering up the first, or are they somehow integrated that it appears to be one?

    Unless, maybe, you're simply a masochist and got a tattoo the same color as your skin which can't be seen?

    Finally, I'm going to bust out my research sources ( and use the other definition of tattoo: "a signal on a drum, bugle, or trumpet at night, for soldiers or sailors to go to their quarters," based on your military association. Technically this would be external, I suppose? And it wouldn't be seen, only heard?

    If those are not it, I think you're gonna have to reveal the secret, because I'm seriously over thinking this now, haha!

  7. Those are very interesting facts... just be careful on those motorcycles please. (o:

  8. Jes, yes, my motorcycle days are well behind me now...although I still sometimes throw myself downhill attached to a mountain bike. I am adamant, much to my wife's amazement that our boys will have motorbikes themselves though, there is a lot to be said about the road sense that they give you. Two of my crashes were off roading and the third somebody pulled out in front of me with 15 yards to go, the only way was up and over, I nearly managed to land on my feet but not quite.

    Doug, you perseverance has won through, yes the second one covers the first, I got bored with the original design and had it incorporated into the second.

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I gravitated to this post. Love the bit about you dancing backwards. We have that in common. And, I was getting a little worried about the tattoo. Glad to hear it was just one covering another.


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