Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Running in Circles!

Ahhh, ok there I got it off my chest! What you may ask, feigning interest, well, pull up a chair, sit down and let me tell you. Races that sell out months in advance. So far this year I have been dinged by; Xterra's Topanga Turkey Trot & Crystal Cove races Santa Barbara 9 Trails, Twin Peaks 50K (although I found out today that this has been canceled due to the wildfires, which have, sadly, ravaged Orange County) and the Surf City Marathon, the latter two are not until next February!

Yes I know the argument is to sign up months in advance along with anyone else, but as I found to my financial expense earlier this year family and injury come way up the list and the thought of churning through more cash on planes unflown, hotels unstayed in and start and finish lines uncrossed is somewhat galling. Added to which I was going through the application for next years Angeles Crest and I will miss the cutoff for the qualifying 50M, so that’s scratched from next years agenda as well! Grrr..ok I am over it!

So here is a penciled in look at what I am planning in the first five months of 2008, trust me this pencil comes fitted with an eraser!

January: XTerra Boney Mountain 21k, Calico Trail 50k

February: Buffalo Run 21k

March: LA Marathon (hard) or Napa Trail Marathon (harder) or Catalina Marathon (hardest)

April: Leona Divide 50m or American River 50m

May: XTerra Malibu Creek 14m

April is my “A” race month for the first half of the year for obvious reasons, the others are only training runs, but it’s good to put some of the mileage in under “race conditions” both physically and mentally.


  1. Hi Stuart,

    I do register for my A races as soon as I can and leave the rest open until the last moment I'm reasonably sure that I will be doing them. I live in PA so most races do not sell out way in advance, but my April half marathon sold out last year in early Feb and this year they are expecting it to sell out even faster. So I already coughed-up my fee and hope that everything goes well and I can run it.

    It is not ideal, but hey there are people that had to skip full Ironman because they got injured and that is like 400 fee. I guess this is just one part of the sport we need to get used to.


  2. Great pot photo! I'm a potter and don't think I'm quite up to this level, but I'll try to copy it and see what comes out!

  3. Jan, yes that is what I will be doing as soon as registration is've got to be in it to win it, I guess! "Way to Cool 50k" sold out in around 5 minutes this year...that's just crazy!

    I had no idea IM was that expensive and there was me grumbling about $100 for a marathon.

  4. Drusy...from all my posts and all the comments I have received I never expected one about the pot! You truly are a renaissance women!


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