Thursday, March 13, 2008

My mileage nemesis!

I have been taking it easy since my run last Saturday. I was trying to link up two trail runs and navigate cross country across two canyons from Las Virgenes through to Cheesboro. If you click on the picture you can see the route in Google Earth. From all the rain we had earlier in the year the landscape is so green and lush and that day my feet took a good soaking from the early morning dew, this of course means it'll all turn to tinder come the summer!

Here are the photos from the run and some video from the northern point along the Cheeseboro Ridge Trail, it sounds a lot windier than it was and the wind provided a welcome drop in temperatures, even though I had started at 7:30am it was up into the high 70's by the time I finished and this week we've seen the temperature in the high 80's, although this weekend it's forecast to rain again!

The good news was that I managed to make the link and had an awesome trail run through to about mile 11, from there I started to feel some twinges in my left knee, my mile 14 it was a definite nag and by mile 16 I was done in, I spent the last four miles run/walking it in and managed to get tiger stripes sunburn where I had missed bits with the factor 50 on my shoulder!

This knee business seems to be contagious at the moment with both Doug and Robin suffering from it, maybe I need to look at my firewall settings, is it like a computer virus; I can see it now you get an email attachment "Click here for great legs" and you end up launching the "GammyKnee" virus, ok it's late and I digress, however maybe we should all get together for a three legged race, we could just about muster up the three good legs needed between us!

With hindsight I probably maxed it out for the week, 65 miles in a week seems to be my nemesis and it gets me every time. It feels like it’s my IT Band flaring up again and I have been concentrating on my stretches and some foam rolling I have also been spending some quality miles on the trainer with over 65 miles in 40 days, I am striving for that 20miles/1hr ride average and the best I can manage is a 10 miles/31:55 or 20miles/1:12:05, so any tips from cyclists/triathletes are welcome. I am going to stick with the bike for the next 10 days and avoid the call of my new and shiny Kayano 14s that are tempting me with their new shoe smell and extra large gel insert from my closet.

Check in for my next post; it's all about socks...yes my life is that exciting!

Here's the Garmin data, it's a figure of eight starting from the rights going bottom right to top left, along the out'n'back and then bottom left to top right:


  1. hi! i don't have any tips except to share my disbelief that running fitness and ability don't always carry over into cycling. i was shocked to find that out first hand! it's a whole different sport. i think it sounds like you're pretty close, esp. for jumping right into it. hope that knee heals up (and you hit your 20-which is not a walk in the park!!!!)

  2. Those pictures are making me jealous. Do you know how long it's been since I've seen anything green? LOL

  3. I am totally up for a three legged race. Where and when?

    I am now in the stage that I am admitting that this is an IT Band issue. How I enjoyed the denial but it is time to face the facts. This is a place I have been once before so the signs are pretty clear and I know what needs to me done.... lots of wine.... LOL!!

    Seriously, I am addressing it and this is ONLY temporary for BOTH of us!

  4. OMG, I'm cracking up about the virus and your settings and also the three legged race. Hilarious. Sounds like quite an adventure on that trail. I found out I'm not much of a trail runner.

  5. It's always cool when the garmin data comes back and shows what looks to be crossing mountain rangers, peaks or valleys. Then you KNOW you've had a good workout.

    Nicely done!

  6. great pics! much better scenery than the snow I've been running in for the past few months. hope your knee feels better soon. the virus part made me laugh though :)

  7. Do you know how lucky you are to have such great places to run?
    I need to move out west.
    Great Job!


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