Sunday, March 30, 2008

That was the week that wasn't...but was cool anyway!

This week has been a training write off, with the departure of the in-laws (I should qualify after several nominations for sainthood that they didn’t actually stay 6 months in one block, it was two 3 month visits with two weeks off for Christmas and 3 weeks where they went to Canada, Mexico and New Mexico for a week each) so it really was cool and everyone can hold off on those halos!

With spring break upon us there was a shift in the my role as part time SAHD, part time Business Consultant, part time full time job hunter (anyone need a Project Manager/Business Analyst?), the end result; no running, in fact no anything! Tuesday through Friday was spent at the swimming pool, local train museum; (what 3 year old boy doesn’t like trains?), LA's Natural History Museum (ditto dinosaurs!) and the Zoo (and a big tiger and lima (Zaboomafoo) fan as well), a large proportion of spent with eldest on my shoulders and youngest in the stroller! Anyone who has been to the LA Zoo will know that it is built at the bottom of a hill with the exhibits placed on the slopes…deep joy! But it has to be said that quality time with the boys is great and I am privileged to have it.

I did manage to stretch and foam roll the culprit IT bands several times and they are definitely loosening up. So in an attempt to start the week of with a bang, I headed out on the bike this morning. I had a little extra time in my back pocket and the plan was to tack on a loop to my existing ride and break through the 50 mile mark. The weather of course was forecast not to co-operate and I had to consider the possibility of a shower and as DCRainmaker, who was competing in the California Half Ironman experienced it was a windy day, although I am not sure why he is complaining about hills, (j/k), he did kick my butt timewise and way to go for a new PR. Anyway I added on the extra loop and spent just under four hours in the saddle for a total of just over 55 miles, 5500’ feet of climbing and an average speed of 13.9.

Here's the Motion Based data:

And there are some bad photos here.

I'll be lacing them up this week so my bike mileage will decrease as such, next Sunday I have the modestly named Great Race of Agoura half marathon, that will signal the start of my taper for Leona Divide which is 20 days away!

I am starting to think about what's next and have a couple of ideas, this is one (to be done solo) and here's another (the "Full"), you know me, I am not one to do things by half!

Here's a teaser for the upcoming sock post!

Are you?


  1. 6 months of in-laws, irrespective of the time split, is laudable dude. You must have a truckload of brownie points with the wife now.

  2. Even still, that's some pretty heavy time spent with the ILs. Yuppers, you need to be knighted or something LOL

  3. Yeah, don't sell yourself short. 6 hours with my side gets my husband big points. :D

    Four hours in the saddle.

  4. A quick glance at that elevation chart was enough to make my quads ache.. damn!

  5. I agree with the above. Halos may still be issued for such an IL stay! Can't wait to see more about the socks!

  6. 55.39 miles? What happened - ya couldn't finish up .6 miles to make it an even half-iron? ;) Or perhaps the hills got to ya. ;)

    Nice job slamming out a solid 55.39 miles. Looking at the Garmin data, there was definitly some fun there! I do like how shows your average HR at "Zone 3.5". :)

  7. I like reading about your time on your bike. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is unsure of performance on a bike. I know what defines a "good" or a "fast" run, but how the heck do I know my performance on my bike? If you figure that out for yourself please share the wisdom!


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