Friday, June 5, 2009

Going all Lance!

My training started for AC100 last Sunday, I had a couple of easy rides during the week and closed out the first week of training with no incident.

With over 1000 miles to cover on my bike in the coming weeks and having had my bike tuned up it was time to tune me and my kit, I dug out all my cycling kit and ran it through the washer; all spruced up and ready to go. Next a good wash and scrub for my trusty helmet and clean of the shoes and I am all set.

Next thing was a quick cyclist trim for me; call it curiosity, call it a desire to be more streamlined, call it what you like but 5 minutes with a pair of clippers followed by a little follow up action with a razor and voila!

All I can say is that it feels very very different!

First long ride this weekend ; 50 miles


  1. I dunno, a hairless trail runner sounds kinda suspicious to me ;)

    But whatever floats your boat I suppose, and if it helps your head then it has to be of benefit, even if you probably aren't going any faster.

  2. woo hoo! Those look like fast legs;D

  3. Those are some shapely legs, mister. Soon you'll want to sport such smoothness in a mini skirt!

  4. oh Stuart, Stuart, Stuart...shaved legs?

  5. Okay, thanks! My mind was going TOTALLY the wrong way. LOL

  6. This is awesome. You're sooo legit! I was ridiculing my teammate (a new triathlete) for not shaving his legs :) He gets made fun of all the time by his cycling friends-but if he shaves his non-cyclist friends will make fun of him! lose/lose!

  7. WOOT WOOT! LMAO at Jo Lynn's first comment


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