Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The path to the start line...

As they say failing to plan...well you know the rest!

Some highlights:
  • Back to back long runs Sunday/Monday
  • Running doubles due to time constraints on Fridays
  • Significant Cross-training; road cycling, you can see the routes if you copy and paste the url into a browser
  • Sunday long runs/rides are run for time although there is a target distance
  • Hoping for three or four long runs on the course to cover as much of it as possible
  • Weekday/road runs are pushruns; 10 pushups every mile
  • Biggest week in total; 179 miles
  • Longest long run 69; miles
Now it's all about the execution, as someone I met on the trail maintenance day said "it's all a head game"...and the game started last Sunday.


  1. Great, ambitios plan. I love the pushup runs. You are going to rock it!

  2. Sitting here with my morning cup of love and digesting your monster training ahead of you.... INSANE!! You sure know how to creat a effective training plan. LOVE IT!! Do have one question.. where does the p90x fit in? Will you sleep at all? I could never seem to keep it all in line while training for an event and "bringing it" with Tony.

  3. Sounds like my schedule...doing a double on Friday due to time and back to back long runs on the wknd!! Busy, busy!

  4. wow... that's about all i can muster, i'm pretty speechless :)

  5. 179 miles in a week?! Wow.

  6. wow, Stuart, that is a very impressive training schedule. and a very impressive use of Excel, as well :) i have no doubt you will be successful in your training!

    will we get to hear any more about your detox?

  7. nuthing like a really good plan to make oneself giddy. Let the fun begin! :-)

  8. I really like the look of your plan. I've never heard of push runs. Do you do three sets of pushups at each mile? And will you do those for a set distance three times a week? I think I'll start up my blog again so we can see eachothers progress.


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