Saturday, November 28, 2009

Haiku Gu, do you?

So if you read this post you’ll know I have a bit of a surplus of Gel, Drinks and Blocks! So in an attempt to share the wealth and in the spirit of the pending holiday season...and to be honest if they don't get eaten they'll go off, I thought I would hold a little contest to test your creativity and to give some away.

Somebody suggested that the best bonk story should be the criteria but I thought that that would be a bit wordy so I went to the other end of the spectrum and decided that a Haiku would be a good way to go.

So here are the rules.

* The contest will start today; Saturday 28th and run through to midnight December 4th
* Over the weekend of the 5/6th I’ll post a poll where you can vote for your favorite, voting will last through to Wednesday midnight PST
* The winner will receive a real mixed bag of stuff but trust me it’s gonna be worth winning!
* One entry per person…and if you enter you should vote even if it’s for yourself!
* All entries must be posted as comments to this post, no emails, Tweets etc please
* Oh yes and the Haiku must contain the word ‘bonk’ or real variations thereof i.e. bonked, bonking however bonkette, bonkodacious, bonkallisious, bonkdamndiggerdy or bonkcofragailisticexpealadocius are not allowed…well I don’t want to make it too easy!
* And finally I needs to actually be a Haiku; that is three lines, comprising 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables

For more info on Haikus click here. Here are my feeble attempts:

Momentum is lost
Death shuffle I am bonked
Empty barely moving

or on lighter note...

Wall I hit it hard
Solidly it hit me back
My head fell off bonk!

Go on and have some fun!


  1. This is a cool contest idea. I'll give it a shot. Hope I counted corectly :-)

    Brain said “Keep running”
    But beaten body rebelled
    Bonked hard, straight to hell


  2. Tear up the trail
    A machine, no bonk for me
    Gonna fly now, Stu

  3. Great contest, lemme do some thinking, I'll be back! :D

  4. Oh, I'm not even gonna try. I suck at haiku.

  5. I've been lurking long enough, and a haiku is as good of a reason as any to 'come out.' I've enjoyed your blog for a while now, it's very well done :)

    Planned and trained for months.
    Overtaken by dry heat.
    Nature wins. I bonk.

  6. Holiday season
    Must run, don't want, can't stand
    A Bonk-a-donk butt.

  7. fun idea stuart!

    gels give some the runs
    a risk i'm willing to take
    can't afford a bonk!

  8. Increasing my miles
    Gliding over single-track
    Ended with the bonk!

  9. Here's a few with different themes:

    Still miles to go but
    My glycogen-ometer
    Reads "Tank On Empty"

    More electrolytes
    Are in my shirt than in me.
    I'm getting gel-ous.

    Either Johnny Cash
    Is my pace group leader, or
    I'm starting to bonk.

    You can pick your friends
    And you can pick your nose, but
    ...oh God, 5 miles left...

  10. Muscles pumping fuel
    Levels drop like leaves on trees
    Then bonk it's over

  11. I'm not almost there
    and I do not look awesome.
    Die, cruel spectators!

  12. bonking on trail run
    I just tried to kiss a tree
    time to take some gel

  13. Snowy long twenty
    Bonked, flipped off running buddy
    Roctane resuce me

    This is actually based off a true story. Last year I was on a long 20 mile run with a few friends. My friend Jim encouraged me to run fast down the hill, but I was bonking bad. I flipped him off - the bonk makes me nasty!


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