Sunday, November 22, 2009

PCTR Santa Monica Mountains (Volunteer)

Today I was up bright and early a’ la race day, but for me no racing. I was heading off to Pt Mugu to spend the morning volunteering at the Pacific Coast Trail Runners Santa Monica Mountain’s race. This is the site of my very first ultra, a 50k, a scant two years ago!

As a runner PCTR races always have such a good vibe; friendly, welcoming and as much as a run with friends than a race. Being behind the scenes today proved no different plus it was a good opportunity to catch with some old friends; Billy and Sara and make some new ones; Evan, although I am sure the reason everyone else wanted to know me was the fact that I was in charge of the soup and chili rather than the quality of my conversation.

Anyway I always knew that being a Race Director was hard work but I have a new found respect; Sarah and Wendall are at it pretty much non stop all day, in addition to this race they put on another 30+ up and down the California coast and they’re talking about bringing more to SoCal; today was sold out; a first!

Other than the chili it was very rewarding for being thanked for 'being out there' something I try to always do to volunteers and the folks who man the Aid Stations and without whom a lot of these races would fall flat.

All the volunteers were kept busy so there are not so many photos; thanks to Billy for the ones of me and in fact most of those below.

As I posted on my Facebook profile; "....I was given a stark reminder of how I miss the trails...still I caught a good whif of runners funk and some salt air at Point Mugu this morning and that will have to do for the next 6 or 7 months while I pay my tarmac dues!"

Lori & RD Sarah

Three pieces of banana and one finger later!

What's not to like!

Soup or Chili or Chili or Soup?

Local runner Dominic Grossman took first in the 50k with 4:3o something...blazin' fast!

Great friends. Good times!


  1. great seeing you again and working beside you out there Stuart!

    next time, we need to be toeing the line instead of serving up food (as much fun as that was).

  2. That's cool you got to help out. I love helping out at races of any kind, but helping at ultras are the best (in my opinion)

  3. I've always wanted to volunteer at an ultra. Very cool!

  4. I continue to be amazed at the sheer amount of cool stuff that trail runners get at the aide stations, clearly I'm in the wrong sport.

  5. Thanks for your work out there today. I ran the 50k and it kicked my butt. Without awesome volunteers like you, Billy, and Evan I would not have made it to the finish (even still it was close!)

  6. Yup, I always love a PCTR event. Running or volunteering - the best around! ;)

  7. i was one of those people caught by the race being sold out! BUMMER!! Now I know to register earlier! I should have come out to time-wait next time i'll be running!!

    Thanks for volunteering!!

  8. volunteers are the best! Great job being out there even though you weren't running, this time! :D

  9. Ugh! I love the food at the PCTR races :) Great job volunteer and nice work helping others out! Love the pics!!

  10. Great to meet you yesterday. Hopefully we will run into each other again on the trails soon.

    You are a great cooker of soup!!

  11. that snack table looked incredible. Nice job getting them in and out. You know what it is all about.

  12. Nice spread out there! It's now evident that I need to run longer distances for the better food. Volunteers are awesome! Glad you had a good time out there.

  13. well, guess i need to run ultra's! m&m's mid-run, sign me up! looks like a great time, glad you were able to help out and catch some of the action.

  14. Great pics!!! Glad you enjoyed your time volunteering, though I hope all of us are off the IR list in time for the next PCTR event-


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