Tuesday, March 2, 2010

20/25 Challenge Week 6

Momentum is drying up, with five weeks to go progress is slowing with some backsliding and lots of status quo and some non reporters, (in yellow), I am sure the weather has contributed; rain, snow, we've had it all around here in the last week…well snow in the surrounding hills. Don't loose sight of the prize folks! That being said Billy wins again!

I am back on the wagon, having hung up my shoes for two weeks the second week giving me time to get my feet wet at the new job. I am finding my time slot in the wee early hours before work, at least for now, works well, well at least until the runs get longer. I'm getting a good reminder of how nice it is to get that run in early head torch or not. I am back in the training groove following the FIRST marathon plan which will bring me to the start line of the Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego in June.

This weekend I am volunteering at the PCTR Malibu Creek race, it’s virtually in my back yard and it’s a good opportunity to meet up with some fellow bloggers and runners including Billy and Penny. I am working the Tapia aid station so stop by and I’ll fill your bottles!


  1. A new job and marathon plan? Nice! Thinking myself of doing a race in Malibu some time soon. You are fortunate to have a backyard like that.

  2. To not report any results must be a not so good sign.

    Looking forward to hearing and following you FIRST training for the marathon. There will be some suffering but you have this nailed.

    btw - received the watch yesterday. Plugged it in to charge it and that is as far as I got. I have a 5 mile run tomorrow so i will be doing my first test then.


  3. i dislike you billyb! seriously, what's your secret?

  4. WOW - definitely did not see this coming. Sweet!

    See ya Sunday!

  5. I'm volunteering at the finish line on Sunday, see you out there!


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