Thursday, March 4, 2010

Patently fun!

Not much to report this week to be honest. Marathon training marches on, it’s early days yet but so far so good. Interesting I’ve been running in my new Brooks Addictions and alternating them with my last pair of Asics Kayanos and I think it’s a case of not knowing what was wrong until finding out what was right, the Addictions are light, light, light! By comparison the Kayanos feel like I have thrown away the shoes and I am wearing the boxes! They’ll be a review coming soon.

Here’s something that I found on the interweb thing that should satisfy anyone’s inner and, well, their outer geek too, Braindex takes original patent application drawings and will apply them to all manner of things, mugs, T shirts and the like. While there are a whole bunch of majorly technical stuff there’s some pretty cool stuff if you search by brand;

shoe shirt

Adidas running shoe sole pattern T shirt

shorts mug

Nike cycling shorts Mug

shoe mat

New Balance running shoes Mouse Mat

Oh and I am woefully behind on my Google Reader but I am catching up slowly!

Have a great weekend and happy patent hunting!


  1. Thanks for the Braindex link (though when I clicked it, it came up Bra Index, an entirely diferent link no doubt) . . . my boyfriend is a designer/inventor and the holder of a number of patents. This'll make a great birthday present!

  2. How 'bout the Sir Isaacs? Any runs in them?

  3. That's actually a pretty creative idea - I like it!

    Probably some fun stuff there - if only I was permitted by work to look at the patent database. :(

  4. oh sure... as you can see i'm only about a week behind in my on google reading but let's distract me even more with a geeky website :) thanks!

    as you also noticed i wasn't able to weigh in. shame on me, i know.


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