Tuesday, March 23, 2010

20/25 Challenge Week 8 & 9

image Slacker, yeah that’s me well blog slacker at least, very little reading and a fraction more writing! My bad! So by way as a round up here are two weeks of results for the challenge! Week 9 at the top and Week 8 below. It looks like everyone has moved about, that seems pretty usual somehow I floated to the top, not the purpose of the exercise, figuratively not literally! So I’ll pass on the prize and pass my good fortune to Frenchie who ties for equal top place in Week 8 with Big Bork.

That’s the second week in three he’s topped out so a big well done. There are multiple weeks prizes to be claimed, Big Bork has two weeks and Frenchie has one, claim your prizes here.

LARunr and Lindsay are a little late with their reporting!

With only two weeks to go there’s a little steam left, keep the reporting up and the accountability will follow, personally I have managed to drop 15lbs, so I am more than happy and thank everyone for keeping me on the straightish and narrowish.

Talking of which the dust has nearly settled on the VitalSox giveaway with Rio and Don winning the Medium and Large respectively, that leaves a small which is 3-6 mens or a 4-7 womens…there must be someone who entered who has dainty feet? Claim them by the end of the week or I’ll just give them away! I’ll be mailing out them out over the weekend, remember you need to write up a review.

I have one more giveaway, for a race entry left in my coffers…are you gonna be in SoCal in November? D0 want to take a boat to the start line? Would you like to run in a pristine car free environment?

Oh and there’s around 3700’ of elevation gain…

….but the climb is worth the view, stay tuned….


  1. ok i know i missed this past sunday (my fault) but i TOTALLY EMAILED YOU LAST WEEK thankyouvery much. so i should not have two 0 weeks in a row. i specifically remember because i put how all the vomiting helped me lose weight :) (from vertigo, not an eating disorder)

    maybe i was still disoriented and sent it to the wrong person / never hit send -- i'll double check. i swear i emailed you though!

  2. Wow! I won a pair of socks? That is very cool.

  3. I don't really get what's going on here in this "challenge." But it sounds like fun ---- good luck!

  4. You are killing me with the entry fees to what you describe as PERFECT. If only I had tons more vacation and travel $$$.... thanks for the offer though!

    bwt - when I lived in Monterey, CA years ago my mom came out for a visit. One day we stopped and picked a ton of the poppy's right up to the point where Mr.Police Officer stopped and gave us a lesson on the rules of CA. :)))

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. It's hard to stay on track when life gets busy. So well done!

    Oh, and by the way, that's exactly my size sox. What comp was that? Maybe I can still qualify? LOL

  6. Well done to everyone so far! :) I'm trying to catch up on blogs too.... :/


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