Monday, April 26, 2010

Review; EliteSport SeatShield

image It’s that time of year, now the snow has gone and the ground is thawing. April showers are in full flow, or pour I suppose that would be. Add in the occasional warm spring day and pretty much it’s all a recipe for getting a bit funky. Something you want to leave behind and not in your car.

Enter the SeatShield. From their website:

SeatShields are designed to protect your car seats after sports, exercise and outdoor activities. By protecting your car seats from sweat and dirt, you'll keep them nice-looking and odor-free for the life of your vehicle.

The SeatShield uses a patented design and special fabrics to make it waterproof and very odor-resistant, as well as quick and easy to use. SeatShields are soft and comfortable so they feel good when you sit on them in your running shorts, tennis attire or swim suit.The EliteSport provides our best protection for dogs and pets.

- Completely Waterproof
- Odorproof & Sweatproof
- Machine Washable
- Soft and Comfortable
- Lighter weight to stay cooler in hot weather

P1020204 Sounds pretty good right…so lets’ bring on the stink! I’ve used  this now for about eight months, albeit with injury break in between, beach runs, quick trips to the gym, trail runs (from last year and last weekend) and even a couple of trips to the beach with the fam’.  It  has pretty much taken it all it’s stride. I’ve sweated on it, wiped mud and dust all over it and smeared copious amounts of Factor 50 over it. End result…pass!

Now the tricky bit installation….(1) open bag, (2) hook over headrest (3) unfold and cover seat (4) err sit on it!

Comfortwise the fabric is a soft with a velor peachy feel, the back of it is grippy to stop it slipping around on leather although it’s also works on fabric too, size-wise its fitted in my Passat, Explorer and Aerio with ease. If it starts to take on a life of it’s own, throw it in a the washer and just leave to air dry…voila!

And that’s it, to be honest for anyone who ever gets into their car after running, biking well anything that’s going to get you a little funky and you want to save your interior it’s a bit of no brainer, get one!

Available in black, gray or beige the SeatShield retails for $34.oo, easily the price of a valet you could spend defunking your car!

This product was provided by Wilderness Running Company, for 10% off this or anything else they offer click here and use ‘quad10’ at the checkout. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at


  1. Nice Stuart. 'm oing to need to check this out. I am a *copius* sweater (and not the knit kind). I usually throw a towel across the seat, but needless to say - a towel isn't waterproof and {ahem} odorproof....

  2. I NEED this for when I am leaving the pool! I've been using a towel, but obviosuly that is not waterproof, so this would be perfect!

  3. This is awesome.. I'm totally going to get one. The real test will be how it holds up after bikram (hot) yoga...


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