Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teaching an old dog new tricks…

I seem to have forgotten how to run! Well on trails at least, six months of recovery and road have left me with joints that only go in movements of forward and back! And that was the take away from today’s hour or so on the trails; my knees and ankles are decidedly wondering WTF is going on! You see when I started running trails, they were the gentle fire road type near our old house, months went by with me pottering around them as I ventured further and graduated onto more technical terrain. Of course I conveniently forgot that as I headed to my local trail head at our new house, super technical it ain’t but it’s no groomed fire road either.

Anyway this starts of the great base build of the summer and also the relearning of trail running. Last week was a wash but now I have nearly tamed the back to work pile of crap that I had to climb over to even get into my cube so it’s time to start lacing them up again! I’ve a trail marathon to race in November and I am pacing a friend to her first 50k the following weekend (right Penny!) so I need to get my not so skinny butt in gear!

Right now it’s all about time not speed, running for hour(s) not miles and back to running pushruns and the like…and as much of it on trails as I can; today was a real reminder of why that’s where my heart lies. Here are some pics from today…enjoy.

P1020203 The Ultimate Direction…usually up (hidden joke!)

P1020144Blue skies and spring flowers

P1020179 Technical…ish!

P1020190 Scary, well he would be if he was more than 3” long!

P1020197 Chaparral color

P1020183Sign on part of an interpretive trail…it made me chuckle!


  1. I had a friend invite me to trail run this past weekend. Just an easy 2-3 hours. OMG - that would kill me right now. LOL!!!

    btw - who is the "old dog" :)))

  2. woof! :-) I'm sure the trails were glad to see you again...

  3. Good job Stuart, way to get back on the trail.

  4. What a great time of year to be on the trails. Glad you got out there!


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