Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video impressions…

It’s amazing really, we are so hyper-connected that you can basically think of something and find it online, if one of my boys wants to look at anything as diverse as fire trucks to tree frogs you can find it at the end of your fingertips. And so seeing as I have not much to say so I thought I would share some Videos that caught my attention during the week, each left me with a different impression on my face and I am sure they will do so for you to.

First up is some footage from Josh’s blog of the Angeles National Forest post Station Fire, if you remember this was the fire from last summer that was the precursor to the AC100 being cancelled, it’s not 100% that the race will go ahead this year, see for yourself the devastation is widespread and nearly eight months later the road is still closed! 160,000 acres are like this…it’s enough to make you cry.


Next up and on a more cheerful note is the Artemis Quadrathlon Challenge, it seems that there is an ever growing Quadrathlon movement, think triathlon plus kayaking, this one in Scotland looks just like too much fun not to do, even I could manage the swim! I love the British understatement “I got cramp in my finger” and of course the green green grass of home is always a welcome sight as well as the Fish-n-Chips Aid Station! In case you’re wondering what the hell a Munro is there’s a good answer here. It’s a bit long but stick through to end and you have a smile on your face!


Lastly and a bit geekily, this was shared by Ray. Remember that Volcano in Iceland, all those cancelled flights! Here’s some great footage of the quiet skies above Europe during that period, now of course there is all the fallout, excuse the pun, about if there ever was an ash cloud, blah blah blah…raised eyebrows in amazement at the video!

Ok that’s it, there's nothing more to see here now, move along!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the videos. It's official now that I'm a geek. I found the last one absolutely fascinating. :-)


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