Friday, March 11, 2011

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

Alternative title…From the Slime to the Re-d-ice-colous…yeah it’s a stretch! So today was our last full day in Zion (sublime) and we’re heading back to Las Vegas (ridiculous) We had a lazy start and headed out to the Emerald Pools, three pools fed by a waterfall, we hiked to the top pool but encountered the slime, no biggie; a hop skip and jump later we were clear. We climbed up reached the waterfall, too big to get into the lens except sideways!



P1010743 Sideways upper fall

Middle falls

One thing that keeps catching me off guard is patches of beach! Not real beach but just areas of the trail that are completely sandy, I suppose it’s inevitable given the amount of sandstone there is here…the place is pretty much made of it! After this trail we headed over to the Trailhead to Aspiration Point, we started but within a mile were foiled by sheet ice, Ms Q was really nervous and without, Kahtoolas, Leki Poles or an Ice Axe to cut some steps it was too treacherous and to prove the point I slipped over on the way down!

Sandy soil and slime evidence!

Ice beateth the hike!

So we backtracked to Zion Lodge to regroup and grab a coffee…with the day fading we headed out to an parking lot overlook which was a short quick hike to an outlook as the sun was heading out for the day! And it paid dividends!

last hike view

So long Zion…we’ll be back!


  1. What a beautiful place. Glad you and the Mrs. got to enjoy it!

  2. So I have to ask, did you get to that mud look at it, hesitate, think about your nice new clean shoes and think "I don't want to get them dirty?"

  3. wow!!! Looks like an amazing vacation!! Very jealous! I know you had a fantastic time!


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