Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zion National Park; Angels Landing

We arrived late last night, checked in, ate and hit the hay, this morning we weren’t the liveliest birds in the nest and that only got worse when we realized we had moved to Mountain time and lost an hour! Oh well. Today we managed three hikes, Goldilocks bear sizes; large, medium and small, well none of them were that large, but the first one had some elevation gain about 2000’ feet over three mile and topped out at just under 6000’ just on the snowline, I did wear my Garmin but it had a total brainfart, it kept dropping the signal in the canyon and then spiked to 10,000’ and added 2 extra miles!

This photo is from Angles Landing which takes you from the bottom of Zion Canyon up through to the Landing, which has a hair raising final climb using some chain handrails to the summit, I got so far and stepped back due to the ice. From there we pushed onto the West Rim Trail for another mile or so until it got too snowy so we turned around, the weather is perfect as you can see from the photos.

image photo (55)

After this we left the park grabbed a coffee and headed back in to do a couple of smaller ones, Weeping Rock and the Temple of Sinawava. We had a complete camera fail on day one, I left my battery in the charger and my wife’s was dead, luckily I had my iPhone so we got some pictures, there will be plenty more but I am on the slowest of internet connections and I am emailing photos on the Edge network and well life is to short!

Oh and I picked up this shirt…well it would have been rude not to, right!


Tomorrow Bryce Canyon, cold and snowy is the forecast, oh well that’s why they invented goosedown jackets!


  1. looks fun. and cold. brrr! stay safe :-)

  2. So I told Scott that I wanted to put my feet in some sand somwhere warm while drinking margarita's. His reply - When you get home I will crank up the heat and you can put your feet in the litter box while I make you a protein shake.

    Not the same!

    Enjoy your vacation together :)

  3. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!


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