Friday, May 27, 2011

Au Revoir!

Bullet list thoughts about nearly two weeks spent in Canada:

Picture 002On the whole Canadians live up to the reputation for being friendly, I got asked quite a few times if I was enjoying my stay and were people nice to me.

Tim Horton’s this is a Canadian institution…sorry but I am totally not getting it? Coffee is meh at best and there is no atmosphere etc, I love me my Peets!

The weather, yep it pretty much sucked, lots of rain; 9 days out of 13 I think, but hey I am from England, we invented rain, well actually  the Welsh did but then we invaded Wales! Definitely miss my SoCal sunshine…but after a summer of heat I am sick of that too!

Picture 059 I actually had two pretty solid weeks of training which will round out the month of May with with 200m+ on the bike and 120m+ on foot, I’ll take this as a solid base month. I can feel my base coming back up and my heart rate dropping…these are good things


Ottawa itself is like most Capital Cities a mish mash of old and new, there are some really pretty areas; Gatineau, Rideau Canal and Ottawa River are really nice, downtown is a bit crappy, the Byward restaurant district is a tourist trap but if you look you can find some pretty good hole in the walls

Beaver Tails…a crepe, with all sorts of stuff put on it, heart attack in wrap someone called it; best avoided!

People stay out late, I was keeping West Coast time, which meant I was going to bed around 1am and waking around 9am local, people were out partying; nearly everynight till the early hours!

So that’s about it I think…homeward bound today!


  1. Don't understand The "Tim" effect either and I live here! I can't say that out loud though, or they're going to come for me.

  2. well i'm glad the canucks were friendly. sometimes (some of) the ones i follow on twitter seem to be full of themselves...

    nice workouts while away! i always struggle when away from home. safe travels home.

  3. What? You didn't buy any Timbits? (Donut holes here in the U.S.). Your picture looks like the locks in Ottawa. Neat place!

  4. I like your pics- it looks like a cool, albeit rainy, place to visit!


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