Monday, May 2, 2011

Hot ‘n’ Hilly!

Twelve hilly miles, the midday heat and nearly not enough water, that about sums it up! The planned run was changed due to a friend almost deciding to have a baby so to the local trail head we headed, yes we, if you follow me on Daily Mile you may have detected a bit of “we” not “I”, thanks to the Interwebs I have a running partner; Becca, and so for the last two weeks we have been running twice a week early in the morning and this weekend we ventured onto the trails again. Somewhat of a change of elevation and weather from last weekend, not a cloud in the sky and not a lot of level ground. So we set off up the Los Robles Trail.

Los Robles

Yeah there is a bit of climbing!

This is one of those runs where you are always in touch with civilization, for the first 3 miles you have a good view of the 101 Freeway and even when you drop down the backside there are houses scattered about, although you do get a good view of the next range which is a wee bit bigger


Boney Mountain


And on a clear day you can see the Ocean too

Of course as you can tell from the profile this is an out and back and what goes down has to come up! Ouch is really all could say, well actually it was a little stronger but you know what I mean!


Ouch is really all I could say, well actually it was a little stronger!

And so with nearly two and half hours on the clock we were back at the car with cold water and coconut juice waiting for us! Needless to say it’s a joy to be back on the trails and having someone to share them with and show them to makes it even more fun…and so slowly but surely my base and weekly mileage is slowly coming back and I can now refocus on my efforts on racing goals and longer distances…but another month of base building comes first and that’s just gonna be a month of fun early mornings and trail weekends!

PS the winner from last weeks giveaway a CamelBak Groove is Jason, email me your mailing address Jason and it’ll be on it’s way. Stay tuned for this weeks giveaway…not one but two Sony W Series Walkmans!


  1. At first I thought your running partner "almost had a baby" on the trails. And I thought OMG!!! I've had 3 babies, and that would not be good "having" one of them running trails. Then after seeing the wonderful pictures above, I realized you meant another friend.

    Yes, it was hot, hot, hot today, even down south! Good to see you out on the trails.

  2. I heard Becca talking about her runs with you on the Geeks podcast. Great pics as always Stuart. I'd love to run there one day!

  3. purrrty views there :-) here in Georgia, we have lotsa small hills. You can keep yours. HA!

  4. I am worried what the running will be like after this month! (I say as I limp around my house) I have to admit, there were a few moments on that trail that I felt like I was flying down the hills! It was great! Where are we going this weekend?

  5. I run a 10 mile version of that trail at least 5 or 6 times a week. It is a great singletrack run that keeps me in shape.

    Love the pics!


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