Sunday, February 12, 2012

Atta Boy!

I am not one given to self congratulations, there is always something that could have been better, but upon reflection I decided to give myself a wee pat on the back for this last week’s training. It’s by far the biggest week in miles and pretty close to the biggest in time for the last six months and it reaffirms the power of a step back week. I am also pleased because I wanted a big week and I managed to get one with being derailed. Here’s the breakdown, with the exception of today’s Monday through Thursday are before and after work workouts:

  • Monday Swim 1800 yards / Bike 21 miles on the trainer in 1:14
  • Tuesday Bike 21 miles on Trainer 1:10 / 5 mile Tempo run
  • Wednesday Swim 2000 yards / Core work and foam roll
  • Thursday Bike 31 miles on Trainer in 1:43 / 7 miles run including 8 x 400 intervals @6:30
  • Friday 2000 yard swim
  • Saturday 2300 yard swim
  • Sunday Bike 70 mile ride in 4:07 followed by 7 mile run average pace 8:12

Totals: 19 miles run, 143 miles ridden and 8100 yards in the pool, total time 15:06 total distance 167 miles

Some other mentionables: I hit 400 miles on my Newton Distancias.


A little worn on the toes and a little flat on the forefoot but plenty left in the heel! Just pre ordered next gen in same shoe for March delivery!

I am getting more comfortable on the TT bike and although this weekend I decided to mix it up and take my road bike although I have piled on nearly 300 miles on the new Adamo saddle in the last month

My swim is coming together and my plan to simply add 50 yards a week to my “non assisted” section is really working and I am up to 600 yards, still a long way to go to get to 2.4 miles, hell it’s a long way to to the 2.1 miles I will have in July but every journey starts with a single step!

Three weeks to race day!


  1. You deserve congrat's from everyone you talk to for putting on that mileage. That's huge and from me CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    With all the mileage your shoes are showing your foot strike, don't let them get too "run down".

  2. early in the year, its good to stick with (some of) the road bike. As the season moves along, transition more and more to the TT bike.


  3. Geeze, you've got some major yards in the pool!! You have plenty of'll be fine!!

  4. holy sh$t.... you swim distance.... GREAT JOB!!!!

    You better join me at some Iron event ONE DAY....just sayin"

  5. Yes, I don't like to self congratulate either. I'm terrific that way. Good work slaying the workouts!


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