Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February finished!

Another solid month, and despite ending it how I started it with a cold I managed to hit nearly all my training days; one day sick and another for rest pretty much was my down time although I do now consider the Friday and Saturday swims as having some downtime during the week. Talking of swimming I am still hitting the pool four times a week and my sessions are now at around the 2000 yard mark, per my last post I got a page of observations and areas for improvement from my friend who watched my swim video and while it seems a little overwhelming I have plenty of time to figure it all out although I am sure the time will start to fly by!

My biking has been a improving slowly and I threw in a couple of TT efforts with runs off the bike and I managed to not experience the jelly legs of the first brick I can settle into a pace somewhere around the 8:00 mark. Finally my running is coming back into focus and I even managed to get out on the trails this month!

image Cheseboro Canyon; memories are made here!

So here are the digits:

  • 527 total miles (3 less than January)
  • 50.10 time, so about 12 hours a week (9 minutes more than January)
  • 71:75 miles running in 10:09 (January 57:58/1:19) Longest run 11/1:55 
  • 439 miles cycling in 26:06 (January 453/27:49) Longest ride 70 miles followed by a 7 mile run
  • 28,688 yards swam in 12:50 (January 25,525/12:35) Longest Swim 2500 and a wee bit faster!
  • Starting weight 172.4lb ending 172lb

Like I said another solid month, this is the third in a row, consistency is key!


  1. Your training is impressive and you are an inspiration. I am moving back to this area this summer and every time you post a picture of a trail I just get so excited to be that I will be running them in my near future. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your training in March.

  2. good article over at Beginner Triathlete on setting up a consistent training week. probably a little on the newbie side for you, but good reading none the less!

  3. Great work out there. I envy the balance you're able to attain in training! After the marathon, I'm hoping that my monthly totals will be more evenly split among swim, bike, run like yours are.


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