Monday, July 30, 2012

IMAZ training Week 1

Well Week 1 of IMAZ training is in the bag, very tidily given my Virgo tendencies it was an exact 10 hours! This is the training times/distances, the rest was made up of foam rolling and stretching…yeah I am actually doing it, yay me! image An easy start to a plan and looking a couple of weeks out things soon ramp up. A couple of highlights was the second swim of the week which went really well, here is the Garmin data; there are a few phantom laps which is usually a sign of poor form, although drills can mess with it too.imageI also had a great mid week long run of 11 miles, which is probably the second longest run this year after the Half Marathon I ran in January and the Half I ran at Vineman! My running has a long way to go but I was pleased with the consistency of my pace.imageI am thinking about my nutrition planning and trying some new things as the rides and runs get longer; I recently received some free samples of an electrolyte called Hi5 worked really well so I have ordered some of that. For fueling I am going to try Carbo Pro and see how it sits, I have heard a lot of good things about it and now is the time to start trying these things out

Also for the shorter duration runs I am trying to get back onto the local trails for the short term to build up all those little stabilizer muscles that are ignored when running on the road. I hope this will help with my knee long term which is still not quite right.

There’s 16 more weeks to go, but this is a good start.


  1. It really makes the plan seem more doable when you evaluate every week and set new area of focus for the next week(s). It makes the 16 weeks fly by! Can't wait to follow it all!

  2. do you ever use Nuun? That's my go-to electrolyte tablet. I'm curious how it compares to Hi5. I've heard good things about CarboPro, but I've been using Infinit ( for years and love it. Calories + electrolytes all in one and totally customizable.


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