Thursday, July 12, 2012

One outta two ain’t bad!

image With the best will in the world I really can’t say I am tapered, a whole not of lot of training has been going on over the last month! A jacked up back and hips followed by a vacation and a messed up knee for the last two weeks has resulted in more of a falling of a cliff than a taper proper!

So this weekend’s word of the day is complete and not compete…to be honest this is a stepping stone to IMAZ in November and while I did have some prior aspirations of performance this is a good opportunity to dial in some new race day things; it’s the first opportunity to race test the new drive train on the bike and the new wheels. Ironically for a runner the run will be the tricky thing this weekend, not surprising given the aforementioned knee and the complete lack of running miles this year!

If you want to track me this weekend you can follow me on live tracking my number is 93. If you have a smart phone you can download the IronTrac app and plug in my number as it will bring my splits etc to you where ever you may be! Lucky lucky you!

Some other peeps you might know @punkrockrunner #133 @tribeccato #390 @sheswimbikerun #1199 @Whamxbamxpow #1760 the Vineman twitter account is @VinemanTri


  1. Will be stalking this weekend - good luck

  2. have a blast. haven't been around the blogosphere in a while, but still hanging in there. wish you the best, and practice that nutrition plan!

  3. Good Luck Stuart...You'll be fine...enjoy the day!!


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