Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July; a month of “I”!

Another low mileage month but with a couple of valid reasons, Injury and Ironman 70.3 Vineman.

I started the month with an injury to my knee; I dug in deep getting it treated and despite seeing my Chiro 7 times in 16 days it really wasn’t until halfway through the week before Vineman that it felt like it was behind me. It’s still not 100% right but now it’s a case of rolling out the scar tissue that built up and getting it stronger again.

Vineman turned out far better that I hoped for on the Swim front and all things considered the Bike went well with just a tough Run that I managed to finish with a fair bit of walking. After the race I took 4 days off and then hit the pool and the bike with training officially starting a full week after.

The focus for August is building back a stronger running base and working “as always” on my form in the pool with one eye to endurance, my swims, right now, have an average of 2500 yards and that’s only going to get longer. I am heading off to Canada for the second week which coincides with a down week but I’ll be taking my bike and hope to spend some time on the IM Canada course as well as meet up with some folks who I have known forever but never met in person! Lots of fun times ahead!

So here are the digits:

  • Swim: 9.55miles 16,608 yards
  • Bike: 184 miles
  • Run: 63.15 miles

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