Monday, June 10, 2013

TDBB; Week1

Ok Week 1 is in the books. Nothing to troublesome but like most training weeks I had to mix it up to get it to all fit in, this is how it all shook out;

Monday – off, check, managed that no problem

Tuesday – The Sufferfest ; Angels, this is all about climbing, a short warm up and some over/unders and then it’s 3 x 8 minute climbs

Angels Ad from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

Wednesday – Tempo ride; I rode a local loop that has an easy start, some rollers in the middle and then a short sharp climb towards the end. As it’s local it’s something I can rinse and repeat and measure some progress against

Thursday – off, if you say so!

Friday – commuted to work. I am co located between two offices, one is 50 miles away and the other 14 so with a bit of planning I can ride to the local one and use their showers etc. to clean up, there are a couple of nice hills going either way and it’s a good way to get some extra saddle time in without having to do it at 5am or 9pm! This is the ride to work, obviously the ride home is just the reverse


Saturday – The Sufferfest; The Hunted, another climbing ride the meat of which is a solid 20 minutes

The Sufferfest - The Hunted - Trailer from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

Sunday - a new loop which connects some of my old cycling rides for a 35 mile ride, followed by another 7 miles on my mountain bike as a cool down riding along with TriBeccaTO as she ran. This is the longer ride some nice hillwork in there.


So the totals for the week;





Elevation gain


No real problems with this, it’s just about time in the saddle and riding terrain which matches the Tour…hills! The only real challenge is that we are currently having our kitchen remodeled and so a lot of the kitchen is in the garage so there is a far amount of set up the trainer and the break down the trainer, it’s a short term issue as a we are getting towards the end of the remodel but it reinforces the “have your kit ready” to use!

Finally no week goes by without something new a shiny catching my attention and this week one of these arrived on my doorstep.


I have yet to unbox it due to the complete lack of space in garage but it will make carrying the mountain bikes an absolute doddle!

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