Friday, July 19, 2013

Cleaning up!

So last month I upgraded to Strava Premium and stopped using Daily Mile, I am a bit of a training site whore, I originally used Nike+, that became Runner+ then Buckeye Outdoors, then Go Wagon, then Motionbased, SportsTrack, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks and now Strava!

So as you can see I have training data everywhere! I don’t mind so much as I rarely go back and look at it but at the end of the year it’s nice to review and it’s useful to track the mileage on various bits of kit’ wheels, shoes, chains and the like.

So I decided to go back to Strava to try and clean some things up as I was faced with a history page like this!


Fortunately I can reconcile it with other sites and as all my Trainer Rides are based on using TrainerRoad rides so it’s pretty easy to go back and clean things up.


Yep that’s 7 days spent on a Trainer!

Now one thing occurred to me as I was going through the Strava data that there is a pretty simple way to add a quick note to the ride, thanks to Social Media and in particular Instagram, take a photo and it is attached to the ride, in fact I noticed that I had done that a couple of times,

imageIt’s usually a photo of some horrible power curve or something…anyway if you follow me expect to see some odd (well odder than usual) photo’s in my stream…like these!

  image image


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