Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TBDD Week 5 & 6

Week 5 is in the rear view mirror, way behind me so I don’t have much to say about it now. I followed the plan and that was that really, miles were down as I cut out the commuting. I took one ride on the mountain bike and was humbled as I had to dismount and walk up “Heart Attack Hill” in front of a local girls HS Cross Country team!


Whatcha mean you have to walk up 21%?

Week 6 was a bigger and better week; more mile more elevation, it’s creeping back up slowly. My knee/hammy is just what it is it’s rolling along around 90%...that’s good enough for now, I had a massage yesterday and that helped.


Mostly a week on the trainer so the two rides that were on the road had to count! The first was an extended local loop with a couple of short Cat 4 climbs, no problems there and plenty of Strava PRs! And I even nabbed a Top10 overall! I was happy with the average speed of this too.


The second on Sunday was an all-out roller coaster in the Santa Monica Mountains. It ended up being not as long as I expected in distance which meant I missed my weekly mileage goal but I was happy with the elevation gain, lots of seated climbing.


My Honey was kicking butt too and she is riding a freaking Tri Bike!


I am running a 12-25 in the back and thinking a 12-27 or 11-28 might be a better choice, not sure about that yet and I think this coming weekends ride will help make up my mind, we’ll see! The plan is to head to Mt Baldy where you can see the Tour of California most years…I think this is going to hurt…


Ok that’s enough graphs, here’s a video!


Onwards and upwards, not in that order!

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