Monday, July 1, 2013

Review; Mission Care Enduracool Arm Sleeves

I reviewed the Mission Care Enduracool Towel last August I was keen to try the new range of clothing that Mission Care launched this year and they kindly sent me a pair of arm sleeves to try out.


Arms sleeves provide multiple uses throughout the year, warm in the winter, coverage in the summer and I have even used them to isolate a painful ITB flare up! But basically in the summer they provide some cover from the sun when you don’t want to even think about a long sleeve shirt. Mission Care have taken this even further with protection from the sun with a built in UPF45 block. The main feature of these is when wet they active the CoolCore which is what makes the feel cool on the skin…voodoo you cry! For sure I reply but you know it works. With summer warming up in Southern California (yesterday locally topped out at 102f) anything that can keep you cool is a bonus.

Once on they feel soft and comfortable, they are not overly compressive, the tops are elastic but do not have the tight rubber grippers that you may have seen on other sleeves. The construction is of two fabrics with three quarters of the sleeve being solid and the remaining quarter being of a mesh which allows for some “venting”.


The CoolCore works really well and like the Enduracool towel you have to wet it and snap it to activate it, this is easily achieved by just pinching it off your skin and letting it ping back. At the end of each sleeve there is a little pocket which at first I thought would be useful for a gel but the added weight made them a bit uncomfortable. What actually worked really well was to carry a small sponge in them which I could dampen and wet the sleeves with, this is a much more conservative use of water than just squirting water and soaking an area rather than get them wet all over. Also it sits on your Ulnar Artery which is very close to the skin so if you can keep that cool it will actually cool your blood and you down…look at me getting all scientific! 

So in conclusion with the heat of summer coming fast and furious this is a great piece of kit to keep in mind when you are you are heading out for a run or ride, it weighs next to nothing and is actually proactive in keeping you cool.

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These Arm Sleeves were provided free of charge by the good folks at Mission. See previous gear reviews under the Product Reviews tab above. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at


  1. I did 3. liked on FB, tweeted 1x, followed on twitter. I am sure I will forget from now till friday, but thanks for keeping the reviews coming and these are perfect for the heat.

  2. Are you the guy on the box as well? Super cool!!! (pun intended)

  3. Would these protect me during the Tough Mudder? I am looking to get some sleeves for all the crawling through mud. These seem like they might be good but its not clear as to how thick they are.

    1. Vivian I don't think these will help much they are very thin, if you are looking for protection you might be better off with cycling arm warmers, the pairs I have that are made by Voler are much thicker and would offer some protection, hope that helps

  4. Hi Stuart! Sure would love these in this heat!! I have FB 'liked'; followed on Twitter, and have tweeted once a day since Monday, including today.
    Fingers crossed!



  5. Hi Stuart - Would love these especially in this SoCal heat!! I have FB 'liked'; followed Mission on Twitter and have tweeted once a day since Monday. Fingers crossed!



  6. Stuart,

    5 points for me. Thanks for another cool contest. I just saw a commercial for the towel. Looks awesome - I might need to pick up one for work.



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