Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vineman; thoughts and goals.

So Vineman is upon me. What started as a registration in February 2013 for the Vineman Monte Rio race in June 2013 to get reserved entry into this year’s race has come full circle. It’s ended up (so far) being my A Race, triathlon wise. This was reinforced by having to pull out of St George after my bike crash in January.

Following the crash I switched my focus to the road bike. I had a lot of road rash and swimming was out and running was painful. Since then I completed the Tour of Sufferlandria, my Sufferfest Knighthood, the L’etape du California and the 6 Hours of Temecula. That’s a lot of cycling since getting back on the bike I have covered 2250 miles from Jan 24 to today. The problem is that I have only been on my Tri bike a handful of times, I am not lacking the strength just some of the confidence.

My run is coming back and while I have had some sucky runs I have had some good ones. It’s my go to and although sometimes I hate it, I can usually rely on it to get me to the finish line.

As mentioned in my Week 10 review, my swim has improved, it’s always been the weak leg of the stool but I am really happy that I have been able to reduce my usual 2:20/100 splashfest to something hovering around the 2:00/100 mark.

So what about this weekend? Well it’s a race, against everyone in my AG, the clock, my PR and Becca.

The last and only time I did Vineman (and it’s my only 70.3 to date) I finished in 5:58:39, I had at the time a great swim (at the time) a good bike and a horrible run. My transitions weren’t great either, but it was only my third triathlon ever!

This year I should have, by comparison, a better swim, a fair bike and a good run. How will that translate? Hopefully something like this:

Swim; (2012 46:49)

  • Great 40-41:59
  • Good 42-44:59
  • Crap 45+

Bike; (2012 2:52:21)

  • Great sub 2:55
  • Good 2:55-3:04:59
  • Crap 3:05+

Run: (2012 2:06:06)

  • Great 1:45-1:51:59 (8:00-8:31)
  • Good 1:52-1:59:59 (8:32-9:21)
  • Crap 2:00+ (9:22)

I can shave some time off of transitions too. The joy of a blog is the ability to read back in time, and during T2 in 2012 I put on Compression Sleeves, they’re out this year and went to the loo…not sure about that!

A “Good” race will be around 5:40-45!

Either way I hope to PR and catch Becca in the process!


  1. Best of luck and have fun! I'll be up at Guerneville, too... but as a spectator cheering on my sis for her first 70.3! ^_^


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