Monday, July 13, 2015

Everesting Week 1

This was always going to be a clunky week, it was a week away with the family at Big Bear. But the vacation didn’t start until mid-week and then the first few days I would be alone with my two boys and then Becca would arrive with hers, we would spend a few days altogether then I would drive back and then return again. The ups and downs of a “blended family” fortunately Big Bear isn’t that far, about a three hour drive. So the car was loaded up with boys, bags and bikes.

I had to be creative and ended up setting up the Trainer on the balcony, still the view wasn’t so bad!


I had also committed to The Sufferfest 3 Week Climbing Plan. My rationale was that this would give me a good kick start into training for the Everesting attempt. So here is how things shook out:

Monday. TrainerRoad 90 minutes Medium Intensity. A buddy had created a ride on TrainerRoad so I used that as a starting point, Warm up was a bit short. Standing climb for last 6 minutes of the first set, all of second and first half of third. Good solid workout! Squeezed in a 5k run in the evening on the treadmill.


Tuesday. The Sufferfest; Hell Hath No Fury. A hard ride. Fell off the back about 30 minutes in and struggled to not get dropped. Another 5k in the evening, this time in Big Bear, nice and easy and a bit late in the day, finishing at around 10pm!



Wednesday. TrainerRoad; Muir. 50 minutes at W153. 50 minutes of aerobic endurance @ 70% FTP. Keeping the watts toward the middle of the wide Aerobic Endurance wattage range 50-80% FTP. Another 5k


Thursday. The Sufferfest; The Hunted. Legs just didn't have it! Hung on! Altitude and new FTP kicking my ass all the way down the hill! A very easy 5k.


Friday. Off, well actually I went canoeing!


Saturday. The Sufferfest; The Rookie, 55 minutes of hard work! Followed up with a 5k


Sunday. The Sufferfest; ISLAGIATT Increased FTP and back at sea level meant this was a strong ride. Last time I rode this it was 40m over 2:10. Drove back to Big Bear in the afternoon and ran a 5k


So the totals for the week.

159 miles in 11:22 and just under 40 minutes’ worth of canoeing!

That’s a pretty good start!

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