Monday, July 20, 2015

Everesting Week 2

The second week on The Sufferfest 3 Week Climbing Plan was no easier than the first, more pain, more mile, just more in general! Here are the details;

Monday. Off. Well managed a 3 mile walk into Big Bear for Ice Cream!

Tuesday. The Sufferfest. Angels. Extra 20mins/5miles warm up before starting the video. Rode first climb at 70rpm, second at 96 that 100), third at 70rpm. Extra couple of miles to cool off. Easy 5k run later in the day.


Wednesday. The Sufferfest. The Hunted. Added the extra weighted Flywheel onto my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. +0.81 IF +14.3 TSS vs the same ride last week. Really worked hard for this! Another 5k later in the day.


Thursday. Headed out on the open road and flatted! Should have been a 15 min WU 45 minutes at TH 15 min CD. Flatted at 20 minutes, had a gear failure when I discovered that I was carrying a threaded and non-threaded C02 cartridge. Fortunately a good Samaritan stopped and helped me out.



Friday. The Sufferfest. Long Scream. 5 mile warm up. The Long Scream, 2 miles cool down. Struggled with second half to hold cadence/power…and you guessed it a 5k!


Saturday. The Sufferfest ISLAGIATT. 2 miles extra to warm up and cool down gave me a total of 42 miles. TSS and IF was down vs. last week but I covered the same distance (38m) about a minute faster. Ave HR was 3 bpm less. Less effort for more speed? Struggled to sit in and find a sustainable tempo.


Sunday. Zone 2 ride. Plan was 5 minutes warm up, 2:20 PZ2 5 minutes cool down. This is impossible on the hilly terrain where I live. That said I tried to keep in PZ2 as much as possible. 69% of the ide was in PZ1/2/3 and 21% above. Played with a couple of segments but this is such a well ridden loop that I need to hammer it all the way round to get any bling. Stopped at house for track pump for Becca and to help a stray/lost dog!


So for the week;

175 miles in total (including 16 miles of running) in 12:35.

I am feeling tired but stronger, one more week left on this plan.

If you are interested in these rides I have reviewed some of them here.

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