Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Skratch Cookies (Take 2)

I reviewed these back in April, you can read my review here. Skratch have a new take on them, check out their latest video.

Standby to crush your nuts!


  1. Another solid week in the books, well done, Stuart! All of this climbing in the heat is sure to play to your advantage when the big day comes.

  2. Happy Birthday - belatedly
    Two questions
    What software do you use to show your Trainer Road Rides - I assume either Training Peaks or Golden Cheetah. if so why do you need to put the TR output into either - what do you think the benefits are?
    Secondly - your mileage for a 1 hr TR ride seems quite high at ~22 miles. AHR is abourt 133 so quite low indicating not all out but 22 mph at 65-75% of FTP indicates that you would knock out much higher on the road. Is that true?

    1. Thanks :-)

      The Screenshots are from SportTracks.mobi. This gets sync'd from Garmin Connect on the back end (as does Strava). I really like the interface (vs Strava and GC), and it contains most of the feature from both apps that I like/use. The only thing really missing is Segments which Strava has pretty much cleaned up on.

      There is not a 60 minute ride this week so I am not sure which one you are referring to? Typically I can hit 20 miles in around 1:08-1:12 obviously depending on the ride/ intensity and 22 miles in another 6-8 minutes, can you give me more specifics to respond to?


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