Sunday, October 25, 2015

Everesting Week 16

This week was the start of another build session that will lead into my taper for the Everesting ride. I was feeling pretty good after having a rest week last week. The mental break was nice too after a couple of full on weeks at work I was feeling pretty tapped out. With that said I jumped back in…well I did on Tuesday.

Monday. Off

Tuesday. Trainerroad FTP Test. 20 minute ‪#FTP‬ test with Garmin Vector2‬ pedals. I've been keying off my Stages Cycling for the last 2 years but I needed to retest with the Vector pedals. There is a 10-15% difference between them and the Vectors have me working harder. So while this is a nominal step back in terms of an absolute number it's actually an increase of that 10-15% difference. Put another way if I had tested with the Stages my FTP would have gone from 233 to around 250. I also got to use the BSX Insight, there is a review to follow


Wednesday. Trainerroad Pettit. Legs a little tired after last night's FTP test but other than that no problems. Added the usual 15 minutes warm up and a couple of miles cool down. Pettit is an hour of aerobic Endurance work spent between 60-75% FTP. Also did a 20 mins Core workout in the evening.


Thursday. Trainerroad South Twin –1. 15 minute warm up in and 10 minute cool down. Very happy with this as 4 weeks ago I was struggling to get above 240w on the intervals and now I am north of 260. South Twin -1 is a VO2 Max taper/recovery workout and consists of 2 sets of 2x2-minute VO2 Max intervals at 120% FTP. Extended rest between intervals is 4 minutes long and rest between sets of intervals is 8 minutes long.


Friday. Off, this is per the plan.

Saturday. As a Knight of Sufferlandria I get early access to the newest videos...there are three coming up and I got two them yesterday. Riding them back -to-back today. First up; The Best Thing in the World ‪#‎tbtitw‬ How much was in Z6,7 and 8...err lots! Nice cool down thanks to @cottydale and @thecolcollective 15 minute warm up, then back to back Sufferfests, The Best Thing in the World and Do as you are told! First one is 2x13 min race simulation and the second is mixed intervals. No Trainerroad integration yet so had to go off of RPE/Sufferfest Scale so when 7.5 is your FRP 10 is a lot more and I managed upper and just over 300watts for final sprint! Good race footage too and a kickass sound track!


The Sufferfest's 'The Best Thing in the World:' World Premiere at David Lloyd Leisure, Raynes Park, UK from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

The Sufferfest: The Best Thing in the World: 1 Minute Sample from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

The Sufferfest: Do As You're Told: Sample Footage from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

Sunday I headed out from the house and rode to the coast, I threw in a couple of big climbs including one through Latigo Canyon, this is where I nearly died three weeks ago at the Westlake Century. I was very happy to check Strava when I get home and see that I had PRd most if not all of the Segments!



So for the week, I ended up with the following totals;


Like I said a solid start to the four week build.

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