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Pactimo; Ascent Pro Bibs & 2.0 Ascent Jersey

I was lucky enough to have be selected as a Brand Ambassador for Pactimo for 2015. One of the benefits was that I was provided with an Ambassador kit, I also purchased a couple more to see me through the year as well as a Vest, Cap and Arm-warmers so I had the full “ensemble”.


Looks good in a bag…looks better on a bike!

The Ambassador kit was comprised of garments from the Ascent collection. This is Pro level and falls between their Sport and Premium lines. I reviewed their Premium line here. Pactimo is small, tightly run company. They are based in Colorado and have their own manufacturing site in China. Just to repeat that, they have their own factory, nothing is outsourced and as a result of this their Quality Control is amazingly stringent. This is also backed up by their Customer Service, I once had a logo badge come off and they sent me a free pair of bibs! So that said on with the review;

The Bibs; the bibs were the Ascent Pro bibs. Per Pactimo; “these bibs feature 7.5cm leg compression bands for a longer, more comfortable short that will not ride up or bind. Cyclists preferring a shorter inseam should consider the Ascent bib shorts”. I am 6’1” and wear a size large, while they are long they fit me perfectly and I have a good 3-4” between the bottom of the bibs leg to the top of my kneecap. The compression band removes the need for any silicon gripper. Trust me when I say that once you have worn a pair of bibs you will never go back to shorts and once you have worn a pair without silicon grippers around the legs you will never go back to them either!


Tan lines! Rule #7

The pad is an Italian-made Cytech Elastic Interface® XC Carbonium chamois: 3 multi-structured levels (10-8-4mm), high protection foam, anatomical shaping and Elastic Bioactive surface fabric with carbon fiber. Wow that sounds very technical, what does it mean, well you have different levels of padding based on the area of the pad. It’s shaped to match your body, the pad is curved not flat, it’s vented to allow for air flow and the fabric breathes and it won’t make you feel overheated or sweaty. So does all this technology work? Yes! I have worn these for rides up to 8 hours long without issue. They don’t get too hot. They breathe. They do not bunch. Basically they work, you forget they’re there. The really nice thing about these is that I don’t need any chamois cream. Seriously nada!

One of the really hidden features is the bib portion. These are not a pair of shorts with some braces sewn on, the bib piece actually comes halfway up your back and sides. This does several things. It makes you feel really snug, no muffin top (yes this is a man thing too, although a lot less for me of late). It stops your undershirt from riding up and it keeps your jersey nice and sleek. It adds some support to your core; those 5 mile descents while on the drops can sap you’re your abs for sure!

The cut of these is for riding, Pactimo call this Silhouette Engineering. They are articulated in the right places for when you are sat on the bike. Again this means less bunching of the fabric. The fabric is super stretchy and just moves with your body. It’s also very resilient, after a hard summer of use it’s showing zero signs of failure in fact there are no real signs of wear. Every seam has Flatlock stitching which eliminates chafe points.

The Ambassador lineup had a very distinct print but these bibs are carried through all kits and if you prefer a more subdued look you can get them in plain black or in a “Match Your Ride” color scheme.

The Jersey; the jersey is soft and comfortable. It has the more fashionable longer sleeves and they do not have those annoying skin pulling silicon grips that other jerseys have. Like the bibs the jersey has been anatomically cut this leaves the front substantially shorter than the back, this is based on the ergonomics of bike riding, you are typically leaning forward which shortens the front and lengthens the back.

There is a full YKK zip at the front with a nice Pactimo tag. At the rear there are three pockets! They may look small but you can get a lot in them. Enough food for a solid 4 hour ride, my Lezyne Caddy Sack (M) and Lezyne's Carbon Pressure Drive, pump, extra baggies of Skratch and my iPhone. Yes it’s a full load but it handles it well.


Is that a rocket in your pocket…nope, it’s a bad 1980’s movie pun!

There is a rear pocket opening for headphones and earbud loop in neckline, I’ll not comment about wearing headphones on the road. There is a silicon gripper at the bottom of the jersey to keep it down.

The fabric in the jersey varies from panel to panel and the side panels are the thinnest, this helps it breathe and disperse unnecessary heat. The collar is soft and has anti-chafe neck tape inside.


Breathable and light side panels provide excellent ventilation.

Both items are a cold wash and air dry…nice and easy, so easy your kids could do it, so give them a couple of $ and let them while you go for a ride!


Doing my best Assos ManI’ve some lots more work to do!

Summary. Overall these are a great addition to anyone’s cycling wardrobe. For me they have been a staple go to for 99% of my rides outside this year. They are hardworking and bounce back after every use. The color stays sharp, even the white trim has remained white all year. There are plenty of features that you would find in similar clothing lines that cost two or even three times as much. Overall Pactimo kit looks up to date and it fits great, I am not sure what else you could want!

They are available in many many different color schemes and patterns across a broad spectrum of sizes XS-XXXL

As a Brand Ambassador I get a pretty good discount and I also get a pretty good discount that I can pass along so here’s your opportunity to pick up some new kit for the winter. At checkout use the code BA15STU to get 30% off your order, does not apply to Artist, Cause, Specialty or Custom items. Jerseys start at $85 and bibs at $125.

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