Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Everesting Week 20

Monday, drove back from Tempe, took the day off

Tuesday. TrainerRoad Blackcap. Too much too soon, not enough recovery from Sunday! Blackcap is 3x9-minute Over-Under intervals alternating between 2 minutes at 95% FTP & 1 minute at 105% FTP with 6-minute recoveries between intervals.


Wednesday, TrainerRoad Pettit. Dialed down to 90%, legs tired, just listening to them. Pettit is an hour of aerobic Endurance work spent between 60-75% FTP.


Thursday, TrainerRoad Shortoff-1 Hard work but this is the best I have ridden this one so far. Shortoff -1 consists of 2 sets of 3x2-minute VO2 Max intervals at 120% FTP. Rest between intervals is 3 minutes long and rest between sets of intervals is 5 minutes long.


Friday. Off

Saturday. TrainerRoad Marion. Felt rested after day off, couldn't quite hit the highs though. Reduced the cadence for the third interval which let me put more power into stroke and as a result was a better 12 minute set. Marion is 3x12-minute intervals in the Threshold power level at 95-99% FTP.Recoveries between intervals are 5 minutes long.


Sunday, TrainerRoad Gibbs. Had technical issues so started to pedal and waited for PC running TrainerRoad to boot up. Schedule wanted 2 hours but was short on time so managed on 80 minutes. Gibbs consists of 2 hours of aerobic Endurance spent between 60-70% FTP. One more week of taper.


Ok week one of taper in the bag…quietly going nuts and checking the weather! It rained a bit this week and the temperatures have dropped.

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